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Creative Room: Psoriaderm

Last time, we talked about a product that does not allow our skin to age and makes it more elastic and hydrated (that was the Skin Perial offer, to be exact). And now it’s time to talk about what saves the skin when it’s been attacked with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis. Moreover, it’s spring already, the season that often hits the immune system of some layer of our target audience. And these people are probably already in search of creams, ointments, and serums to help their skin. In general, in search of everything that will help get rid of the problem without unnecessary trips to the doctors and skin tests.

What does the WHO say about psoriasis and eczema? “The prevalence of psoriasis in the world is about 2%, but according to a number of studies in developed countries, this figure is higher and reaches an average of 4.6%” (another bold proof that the Psoriaderm offer will go great in Tier-1 countries). Eczema is a more common burden – for every 1000 people in the world, 6-15% will suffer from eczema, which is as much as 30-40% of the total number of dermatopathology. And we’re not even talking about dermatitis of various etiologies – there are much more of them on average in the world’s population.

This tells us, affiliates, one thing – our Psoriaderm offer should stand up as a fortress in defense of Tier-1 countries’ residents suffering from the three named diseases, just as Batman once defended Gotham. This Tier-1 audience definitely needs a hero! So, let’s take a closer look at our hero.

What is this offer?

It’s an excellent soothing creamy gel for psoriasis and dry, itchy, and overly sensitive skin. Psoriaderm provides long-lasting hydration, significantly reduces dryness, sensitivity, and flaking of the skin. Suitable for daily use for psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, eczema.


—   Chaga extract (tonic, analgesic, regenerating and antimicrobial action),

—   ceramides (fasten corneocytes together, prevent moisture loss; provide exfoliation of dead skin cells and renew the epidermis,

—   phytosphingosine (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal derma-protective action),

—   cholesterol (responsible for the strength and stabilization of cells, including epidermal cells),

—   lecithin (softens, soothes the skin and improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands),

—   palmitic acid (forms a light protective layer on the skin, has restorative properties)

—   squalene (eliminates dry skin and restores its natural protective barrier),

—   macadamia nut oil (softens dry and rough skin, has a moisturizing effect, helps smooth wrinkles; has a regenerating effect and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation)

—   olive oil (softens and moisturizes the skin, evens out its tone),

—   sacha inchi oil (neutralizes skin irritation, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties)

—   vitamin E (protects skin cells from the oxidative process),

—   panthenol (relieves skin irritation, has a regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect)-   aloe extract (stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid).

Some information for publishers:

1) GEO: Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany

2) Age categories:


3) Traffic sources: any sources that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com are allowed.

4) Prohibited types of traffic:

—   all types of spam (e-mail, sms, etc.)

—   motivational traffic

—   inaccurate or false information in your ad creatives

IMPORTANT! If you use any of the above prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally.

Well, now, let’s see our creatives for Psoriaderm

1st creative

The approach here shows the symptoms of the disease. In the foreground, we see a girl putting a serum on some areas of her clearly problematic skin. The title of the creative says, “Take care of your skin before the disease appears”, which, combined with the girl’s young face covered with spots, is quite capable of pushing users to buy Psoriaderm.

2nd creative

Here, we have a mix of two approaches – the product and the before-and-after approach. The product approach is expressed by the fact that the foreground shows a tube of Psoriaderm itself. The before-and-after approach is built in more complicated: the background of the picture is a back damaged by a rash, and in the foreground, with reference to a tube of Psoriaderm, to the right of it, we see clean and healthy skin of the hand on the smartphone screen. The arrows directed from the tube to the smartphone seem to say, “Here, look what happens after applying the cream.” The title of the creative says, “Stop suffering from skin irritation.”

3rd creative

This creative’s approach is simply before-and-after without anything holding it back: in the background, we see an annoyed girl looking at her obviously problematic shoulder, while in the foreground – a happy girl laughing. The circles on the left and right reflect the essence of the before-and-after stages: Before – reddened, irritated skin with a rash. After – clear and healthy. The headline is reassuring and says,»Skin problems will be something from the past.»


This video creative consists of four episodes. The first episode is a close-up of the flaky skin of a wrist. It looks quite disturbing. The approach here is the symptoms of the disease. A nice female voiceover here says the following text in Spanish, «Skin irritation is the most common symptom for people.» Well, you can’t argue with this, it’s also evidenced by the world’s official statistics.

The second episode has a pure medical approach. We see a man wearing a white coat and blue rubber gloves – he’s clearly a doctor. So, he examines a man’s hand that’s been affected by a rash.

The voiceover says, «Even mild symptoms can develop into a serious illness.» This is making the problem more prominent for viewers.

The third episode shows what happens at the cellular level when using Psoriaderm. We see how the irritated layer of the skin becomes smooth after using Psoriaderm. The approach here is the one that Timur Sharipov calls «Images of organs, vessels, etc.» The voiceover says, «To avoid dermatitis, use Psoriaderm.» So, the cream is a solution and this shows how it works.

The fourth episode is a product approach: in the foreground, we have a tube and a package of Psoriaderm, and in the background, we can see women’s legs with beautiful and healthy skin.

The off-screen text completes the disturbing video and sound sequence confidently and reassuringly, “Your skin will thank you!”

And now, let’s look at the creatives that other affiliates use

1st creative

The Psoriaderm offer is new, so there are few creatives for it on the internet yet.

The scary picture shows in detail what can happen if those who have psoriasis let it take over. The scalp can literally become covered with scabs. It’s a very explicit approach that depicts the symptoms of this disease. It will perfectly respond to those whose skin problems have become really unbearable.

2nd creative

This is the approach with customer reviews. On this landing page, we see a fairly bright series of people’s comments about the product.

3rd creative

Again, the customer review approach, but in this case, it is built into the landing page as a comment section. Here, not only can we see the comments themselves, but also people willingly sharing photos of their results. So, some comments also mix in the before-and-after approach.


Psoriaderm offer is still so fresh and ready to reward you mercilessly with profit. Official statistics, as we said at the beginning of the article, openly show that people of different ages have a lot of skin problems. And as for our GEOs – Tier-1 countries – people there have a lot of problems with psoriasis (maybe because that it is easier to keep statistics here and it is always more thorough, and maybe it’s because of a number of stress factors of this regionality). In general, our Tier-1 regions need a new and promising hero, and you need to get your profit with the help of this hero!