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The quality of lead processing is the number one question for our partners.

At Webvork, we are happy to provide all call center records for each of your leads; you just need to contact your manager and see the professionalism of our operators for yourself.

And today, as an example, we have a transcript of the recording of lead processing for the Cardiobalance offer in Germany.

Listen here

[0:10] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Hello.

[0:11] [Raphael]: Hello, good morning, Mr. Jungkeit. My name is Raphael. I represent the company Geberich, Cardio Balance product. You left a request on our website, right?

[0:23] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes, that’s right.

[0:26] [Raphael]: We are talking about the supplement Cardiobalance, which prevents fluctuations in blood pressure and cleanses blood vessels.

[0:31] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Oh, yes, something like that, yes.

[0:35] [Raphael]: Last night you left an application. So, Mr. Jungkeit, so that I can better advise you, may I ask you a few questions?

[0:44] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes.

[0:45] [Raphael]: Thank you very much. Do you have heart pain or shortness of breath?

[0:50] [Mr. Jungkeit]: No.

[0:51] [Raphael]: Do you often have changes in blood pressure and headaches?

[0:56] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Not anymore, no.

[0:57] [Raphael]: No. So you want to take the product as a blood vessel cleanser?

[1:04] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes, that in itself is an interesting description, isn’t it?

[1:09] [Raphael]: With pleasure. So, Mr. Jungkeit, please tell me, is your cholesterol level elevated or is it within the normal range?

[1:17] [Mr. Jungkeit]: I take vinvastatin to regulate my cholesterol levels.

[1:23] [Raphael]: You are taking pills, everything is clear. Are you physically active during the day or tend to be more sedentary?

[1:31] [Mr. Jungkeit]: No, I’m retired, so I’m not active anymore.

[1:34] [Raphael]: As for the rest, do you often walk or ride a bike, maybe do exercises?

[1:41] [Mr. Jungkeit]: In the summer – yes, in the winter – a little less. It’s not very good in winter anymore, so I can’t exercise as much.

[1:51] [Raphael]: Got it. So, Mr. Jungkeit, Cardiobalance is ideal for you. It has no side effects. Thus, the product eliminates surges in blood pressure and stabilizes blood pressure by relaxing vascular spasms. As well as normalization of the nervous system, which regulates the functioning of blood vessels and the heart. The drug normalizes metabolism, cholesterol levels and water-salt balance in the body. So, it’s…

[2:30] [Mr. Jungkeit]: My blood pressure changes, it can also be low. Every now and then there are days when it is elevated, but otherwise it is under control and I am also in contact with the doctor. All clear.

[2:45] [Raphael]: Got it. So, Mr. Jungkeit, Cardiobalance is a high-quality, safe and very effective drug. The drug acts in stages. The first stage helps prepare the body. This is when the oxygen supply to all internal organs and systems improves. The walls of blood vessels are strengthened and cleansed, which is also very important for high cholesterol levels. This reduces the load on the heart. At the second stage, the drug begins to act actively. Blood pressure, pulse and cholesterol levels are normalized, you feel much better and more active. And the third stage is needed to ensure that the problem does not return. Thus, you need to take a total of four capsules per day: two capsules before lunch and two extra. There are 40 capsules in one jar. And the recommendation of our scientists is a course from one month to three months. So, in one jar, as I already said, there are 40 capsules.

[3:49] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes, it’s not that long.

[3:52] [Raphael]: Exactly.

[3:53] [Mr. Jungkeit]: I must try. I’ll measure my blood pressure after.

[4:02] [Raphael]: So, Mr. Jungkeit, one jar costs 49 euros for an individual order. But we have a special offer for treatment. A monthly course of treatment includes three jars. And it costs 120 euros. A two-month course of treatment includes six jars. And it costs 165 euros. So. Would you like to try a month’s treatment first?

[4:25] [Mr. Jungkeit]: No, no, no course of treatment. Only this single procedure that costs 49 euros.

[4:34] [Raphael]: Yes, with great pleasure. We have a delivery cost for individual orders which is 6 euros. It will be 55 euros. How would you like to pay? Cash on delivery or by invoice?

[4:47] [Mr. Jungkeit]: I’d like to get the invoice.

[4:51] [Raphael]: Yes, with pleasure. One minute. I need your postal code for delivery.

[4:58] [Mr. Jungkeit]: I need to find it.

[5:09] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Do you need a zip code?

[5:10 [Raphael]: Yes.

[5:12] [Mr. Junkheit]: 65719 Hochheim.

[5:20] [Mr. Raphael]: Hoheim am?

[5:23] [Mr. Junkheit]: Hochheim.

[5:26] [Mr. Raphael]: And the street?

[5:30] [Mr. Jungkeit]: ***.

[5:35] [Mr. Raphael]: One moment.

[5:40] [Mr. Jungkeit]: ***.

[5:43] [Raphael]: One moment. Yes, I understood that. Just a minute. What is the house number now?

[5:53] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Number 20.

[5:50] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Number 20. Now I have all the information. I’ll give you a quick summary. Your full name is Mr. Joachim Jungkeit. You will receive from us a jar of Cardiobalance for a total of 55 euros including delivery costs. And you’ll pay the invoice.

[6:13] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes.

[6:14] [Raphael]: Postal code – 65719, ***.

[6:23] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes. That’s right.

[6:24] [Raphael]: Thank you for your order. Do you have any questions?

[6:28] [Mr. Jungkeit]: No.

[6:30] [Raphael]: Thank you very much, Mr. Jungkeit, for your order. We will contact you again to find out if you have tried the drug. Won’t you mind?

[6:40] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Yes, yes, we can do it, yes.

[6:41] [Raphael]: Yes, my pleasure.

[6:42] [Raphael]: Is there a description attached?

[6:44] [Raphael]: Either way, you’ll get it. So, Mr. Jungkeit, have a nice day, stay healthy, and talk to you you next time. Thank you very much.

[6:52] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Okay, will the package be delivered within the next few days?

[6:57] [Raphael]: Yes, DHL will deliver the package and the delivery time will take approximately two to four days.

[7:03] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Ok.

[7:05] [Raphael]: In that case, have a nice day. Thank you very much.

[7:07] [Mr. Jungkeit]: Thank you very much.

[7:08] [Raphael]: Bye.