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How to increase your ad’s CTR

Hi everyone. Webvork has been preparing useful content for its readers for over two years already: we write articles, help affiliates with their ad campaign approaches, talk about our own offers, and create manuals. Today we’d like to talk about our ads’ CTR and also try to answer the question of how to increase one’s CTR.

Before talking about ways to boost CTR, you need to understand what CTR is. CTR is the ratio of your impressions to clicks. So, it’s your ad’s click-through rate, which is calculated from all impressions and all ad clicks.

Let’s say, for example, you have 10,000 ad impressions and 1,000 clicks. The CTR will then be 10%. CTR is an important indicator in advertising, the higher the percentage of your CTR, the cheaper advertising is for you personally. For example, say, your CPM is $4, i.e., you pay $4 for 1000 impressions. If the CTR is 10%, then the ad will be clicked on 100 times and if the CTR is 2%, then the ad will be clicked on 20 times. The more clicks you get on your ad, the more likely you are to get leads. So, with 100 clicks, a lead will come with a much higher probability than with 20 clicks, right? However, you pay $4 in both cases.

The higher the CTR of an ad, the better it is for you. Another thing is that not all niches can bring you a high CTR, but we will talk about this a little later. So, how to increase your CTR?

How to increase the click-through rate: a few simple ways

Try to use images of people

Nutra is a vertical of beauty and health. Beauty and health is a topic closely related to people, it’s about their appearance, about their well-being. In order for the target audience to pay attention to your creative, they must see something catchy. It can be a profile photo of a cactus – it’s quite interesting and isn’t often seen in people’s feeds. However, the quality of the audience will not suit you, the cactus will attract attention, but people will just look and continue scrolling, that won’t generate a lead. If you want to attract and hold their attention, you need to try to depict human pains or human emotions.

For example, if you drive traffic to joint offers, you can show pictures of older people with red circles on their joints. If you work with weight loss offers – show an image of overweight and normal weight ladies to add contrast. If you work with prostatitis offer – show men who have difficulty urinating. Virility offers – show a happy elderly man next to a beautiful girl.

Sure, these aren’t hard and fast rules, you can be creative in different ways. If you look at spying services, then 60-70% of ads on these topics will have such creatives as we described above. The point is that it works, people click on them, and affiliates get conversions. If you don’t know how to increase your CTR, try doing something similar.

Ad copy over the creative

Many affiliates specifically like inserting some text over their image. It can be a sentence or a phrase, usually consisting of 4-8 words, which contains the whole meaning of the advertisement, but in a compressed form. They do this with the sole purpose of increasing the CTR. First of all, a user should be hooked by your image (this includes background, colors, unusual elements featured). People spend about 3-6 seconds viewing the image. And if the user is not interested in it, they will keep on scrolling, so some text can help you out here. If you work with virility offers, you can write something like: “Love her all night”, weight loss: “-7 kg per week”, joints: “The pain will go away completely in a week.”

With these phrases, it is important to immediately show users what effect you’re offering them and the period they can achieve it in, so we must add these words: night, 7KG, week, etc. This heats up people’s interest, they want to read more from your ad in more detail, read the text of the ad, go to the site. Oftentimes, such phrases violate the rules of the advertising platform, and so you should always mask them. Use different colors, font, and large and small letters at the same time, and write words together. All this prevents the algorithm from reading the text but does not prevent a person from reading it at all. As a result, this increases the CTR, helps us convey our thoughts to people, and pass moderation. If you don’t know how to increase CTR, make sure to try this method.

Don’t add too many elements to your creatives

Sometimes affiliates start inserting 10-15 related elements into one creative. They think that people will look at this variety of shapes and colors, get intrigued, and click on the link. In reality, it is very difficult to predict user behavior, so there is no need to pile images up with many pictures. A creative should have the main element (such as a happy grandfather and a beautiful girl), a caption, a background, and an image of the offer. There’s no need for anything else, it’s just going to be too much.

The first task of the creative is to attract attention. The second task is to explain the benefits, the purpose of the sold product. Before you add something to your creative, ask yourself if this element will help attract attention or explain the benefits. If yes, then add it; if not, or if you’re unsure – don’t add it. By adding clutter to your image, you can confuse users and they won’t understand what they’re even offered to buy, they won’t understand what problem the product solves.

If you don’t know how to write a sellable ad, we recommend you read this article.

What extra efforts can help increase an ad’s CTR

We’ve just described and demonstrated the general concept of a great affiliate marketing creative. You can go to a spying service and see it for yourself. 60-70% of advertising images are created according to these recommendations. Again, these are just guidelines, not rules.

Sometimes affiliates don’t understand how to increase the CTR, even after having used tons of different methods. If nothing helps, then maybe it’s impossible to increase CTR in your specific niche. If you work with adult offers, then a CTR of 5% is too low, if you do weight loss, then a 5% CTR is pretty good. It’s all about the audience.

The click rate (i.e., clicks to conversions, CR) for all these niches is different. Adult products can drive 1 lead per 100 clicks and the affiliate will drive a profit. And in weight loss, there can be 5 leads per 100 clicks, and the affiliate will also drive a profit, despite the fact that the CTR is different everywhere.

Different topics have different audiences. People buy goods for weight loss consciously and they usually buy virility products out of impulse. This impulse can fade after 30 minutes, and when the call center employee contacts the client, they can just refuse to buy it. If, after 30 minutes, a call center employee contacts a client that left a request to purchase a weight loss product, they’re still more likely to agree to the purchase, because their decision was deliberate, not impulsive.

Before thinking about what actions can help increase the CTR of an ad, find out the normal CTR rates in your niche. This comes with experience, but you can ask colleagues around in group chats or forums, some people will probably answer. And you can draw conclusions based on their experiences.

You can also try these approaches to increase your CTR:

1) Add a frame to the ad’s creative. The frame should be bright and in tune with the creative. Try purple, red, orange, or pink colors and see what happens to the CTR, it should be increased.

2) Use real photos. If your creative approach includes an image of the offer, then make it real. Try to not just insert a picture, but a quality photo of the offer. People like real-life photos better. You can find such photos in your personal Webvork account on each offer’s card.

3) Choose the background according to the message. The background doesn’t play a key role, but it’s still very important. For example, if you are targeting the prostatitis category, then try to make the background of the image the night sky, a bedroom, or fitting rooms. All this causes all the necessary associations when paired with other related elements and the ad’s copy.

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Let’s sum it all up

If you don’t know how to increase the CTR, then we recommend you do the following:

1) add photos of people in creatives – this is almost a guaranteed success;

2) be sure to use text right in your images, but be brief, 4-8 words is enough;

3) do not overload creatives with extra details;

4) use frames, but carefully;

5) experiment with the background and use real product photos;

6) regularly monitor spying services if you don’t know what’s hot right now or if you have a shortage of ideas.

Here’s what experienced affiliates have to say about it:

1) Daniil Alekseev, the owner of The Kreativy creative studio (the studio has its own media buying department):

Let’s take banners for example. To increase CTR, you need to use teaser images that attract people’s attention – show doctors/actors/bloggers.

Show people’s pain points in your creatives and their solutions in a magical, quick way, without harm to health, surgery, etc.

And remember, your CTR can be 50% while your conversion rate can be 0%.

Test more, track spying services, check out our Telegram channel with free creatives. We recently launched a subscription where we select sources for your creatives, which helps save your time. You can read about this on our Telegram channel.

2) Maxim, Black Cardinal, solo affiliate:

It’s not all black and white, because it may be that the higher the CTR, the smaller the buyout. This means that a person can quickly leave an order application after being mind-blown by your ad and can refuse to buy the product after.

Or sometimes the CTR is 30% and the manager says that the buyout is good and that everything is okay.

All of this depends on the niche and, as a result, on the audience.

The features of the creative itself increase the CTR. The more it differs from usual posts in the feed, the better. You need to do something non-standard but still fit into Facebook’s requirements. When launching a campaign for a new niche, take at least 6 completely different creatives and then draw conclusions from the result.


If you didn’t know what actions can increase the CTR of an ad, then we hope that we explained it to you in detail and were helpful. After the article, you should have some ideas and understand in which direction you need to move and what you can try. That was Webvork, talk to you soon!