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How to effectively drive nutra traffic on TikTok in 2024

Many affiliates are skeptical about TikTok. It is believed that the platform has a small number of solvent audiences and mainly hosts children and teenagers. However, according to a 2023 Bloomberg report, TikTok became the first app in the world to reach $10 billion in spending within a year.

In this article, together with experts in promoting nutra offers on TikTok, we will share effective tips that will help you drive traffic as efficiently as possible and convert it into sales in 2024.

Benefits of advertising nutra offers on TikTok

The app’s audience has not yet been “burned out” and accepts advertising integrations well. Products for weight loss, beauty, and health will be especially successful among its older users. The presentation should be organic, without using “prohibited techniques”, so as not to get shadow banned. If you have studied the rules and do not violate them, then TikTok will pass your creatives and begin promoting them, selecting the right audience on its own.

TikTok algorithms

TikTok is a visual social network. Its algorithms are built on artificial intelligence and are fully automated. With their help, it reads content and user behavior, and then AI decides which video to show to whom.

Algorithms are constantly changing and there is no universal way to get on the Recommended page with 100% probability. Therefore, it is important to follow new features and techniques. There are several important points these days:

1. What is now accurately taken into account is the topic of the video itself, the depth of views, repeated views and watchability, reactions and reposts. But the number of likes and comments is not the most important indicator.

2. It is much easier for new users to advance. Despite the fact that the platform monitors new profiles more carefully, it will be easier for you to promote a video while there are no followers. The algorithm will show it to different audiences until it finds those who are interested.

3. The platform motivates you to regularly post content. Therefore, as soon as you stop uploading new videos, you’ll stop getting views on your old videos. But as soon as you resume uploading content, views on previous videos will also begin to increase.

4. Previously, on TikTok, the first views came in the first hour after uploading. Now you will have to wait from several hours to days.

5. Due to the fact that TikTok has a recommendation system, advertising integrations are often cheaper than on other social networks.

Ins and outs of advertising on TikTok

TikTok does not officially prohibit advertising of nutra offers. Only adult offers and some other ones that the app won’t like (for its own reasons) can be banned.

The site has very strict moderation. There is a regional restriction in the advertising account, so one of the simple ways is to work from ready-made accounts that are warmed up to the GEO of your target audience. Here it is important to ensure the quality of your accounts and check that the linked phone number corresponds to the country you will be working with. The same thing goes for your bank cards: if you are visiting, for example, in Italy, then you can safely deposit your advertising account only from a local bank card. Keep in mind that now, the minimum comfortable budget for testing targeted advertising in TikTok Ads Manager starts from $400-$500.

Additional tools for comfortable work

To set up a targeted ad, you need to download TikTok Ads and set up an advertising campaign. Their account itself is quite simple, you can easily figure it out, the functionality is basic.

An anti-detect browser, proxy service, and temporary phone numbers will come in handy if you plan to register several accounts and drive traffic in different GEOs or pay for targeted ads. Keep in mind that even a cloaking service will not help to advertise prohibited offers due to strict moderation. You can also work with agency ad accounts so as not to waste time on registration and farming, the main thing is to choose them carefully.

You can’t do without a tracker or analytics service; they will help you track the results of your advertising campaign. But you need to be careful with services that add fake views/likes/etc. Let us remind you once again that TikTok’s moderation is extremely strict and will mercilessly ban you if it needs to. If you decide to use such services, then do so intermittently and taking into account the limits (which change a lot at the moment, but for new accounts, the limits are usually lower). On average, mass following is allowed up to 200 subscriptions per day, mass liking – up to 500 likes.

Creatives that bring conversions

Here, they love the most native and viral content possible. You only have a couple of seconds to hook the user. Therefore, do not delay your trigger: immediately indicate the object of the video and what you want to convey in it. There are several approaches that almost always convert well:

1. People’s favorite “before/after” format.

This technique works because of its clarity. Avoid direct sales, use storytelling and clear examples of “before/after”, and then smoothly lead to the offer. Such creatives are often banned, but if you are lucky, you will get high conversions

2. Solving a problem.

Act through the client’s pain and offer them an effective solution, preferably supported by expertise. Avoid stop words in text

3. Use text.

One catching phrase is enough to attract a potential lead. Do not use tons of text, make readable hooks.

4. Live videos.

The audience will be much more loyal to native videos shot on a phone.

Add elements of intrigue and humor to your video to keep users’ attention. Many people also notice that TikTok is good when they use its editing functions: masks, effects, music from the library, etc.

For inspiration, look at examples in TikTok itself or spy services, such as IXSpy, BigSpy, and the like.

Tips from our experts

Maxim Kulich, owner of the Kulibin team and the Tiktok Ads account store

Regarding TikTok Ads specifically, I can say that 2024 began with massive problems with payments: accounts began to fail due to payment errors and blocking of postpay status of accounts. Now, in order to upload a campaign, you need to either deposit a prepayment amount of $10 or more, or look for a scheme/setup in which such an error occurs minimally. This freed up the auction globally, because, at the same time, the famous $50 first payment was removed and a lot of teams left TikTok. We have never used the first payment method, so it became much easier for us to live 🙂 We partially solved the problem with advertising supplies: the registration of accounts for domain emails, trust payments, whitewashed approaches, etc. And as usually happens in traffic sources, by tightening one thing, the other weakens. Having overcome this problem, we saw that everything was as easy as possible, the spend and conversions were almost like in 2022. With such an updated setup, we returned to advertising nutra, or rather to our favorite adult niche. The adult vertical is an ever-working vertical where you just need to spend more money – and the CR is simply never low, especially on TikTok. The TikTok audience has long been not just children, as it was in the beginning. I know teams that are now quite successful in driving traffic in the niche of hypertension, joints, vision offers, and so on.

My advice for those who want to get into TikTok ads now:

1. Find a successful setup to minimize the cost of testing your campaigns

2. Study the TikTok feed in the target GEO – using current trends in creatives you will receive a high-quality audience and loyalty from moderation

3. TikTok loves uniqueness – work with no more than 3-4 accounts with the same creative sources and change domains more often

4. When choosing offers and GEOs, consider first of all fresh GEOs that have recently been opened for TikTok’s target (for example, Latin America is doing well now).

Daniil Lombakh, Chief Editor at Tiktokiller

This article is written about a freemium method of promoting nutra, which is the case, but I would like to warn beginners, because such an approach is not at all easy in 2024. Get ready for 99.9% of your accounts getting banned with the types of creatives presented in the article. Do not use stop words in the description and on the video, this will reduce the percentage of accounts banned.

I would still advise you to save up some money and use agency ad accounts. Since gambling offers completely stopped working on agency ad accounts, we make money driving nutra traffic, I myself saw in a live example that everything runs even without cloaking, etc. Of course, the offer and landing page must be approved by the TikTok manager and there are some nuances, as anywhere in affiliate marketing.

May your ads succeed, Webworkers 🙂


The whole concept of TikTok is built on appearance and attractiveness, so the platform is great for promoting beauty and health products. There are quite a lot of potential paying audiences and they are loyal to native advertising approaches. Despite all the difficulties in bypassing moderation, you can make great money here, although you will have to work hard when finding campaign approaches and designing creatives.

Hope you get that profit!