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Creative Room: Prostatricum

What was once considered a disease of old people now affects 8 out of 10 men worldwide and many of them are under 50 years of age. Yes, we are talking about prostatitis – the most common male urological disease.

The first signs of this disease are easy to miss – doctors say that there are about a hundred of its symptoms! It’s not for nothing that prostatitis is deemed as the most inaccurate diagnosis in medicine.

These include pain in the groin area and a special, characteristic unpleasant burning sensation when going to the toilet, as well as erectile dysfunction.

There are many reasons for the development of prostatitis: it can be infections from certain STDs, or simple lack of personal hygiene, a sedentary lifestyle, and so on.

Treatment of the disease can take years due to complications and consequences. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 35% of the male population of the United States and European countries have experienced symptoms characteristic of prostatitis at least once in their lives.

It turns out that tier-1 countries have a lot of people who would be interested in today’s offer – Prostatricum – as a way to finally alleviate their suffering.

What is this offer?

Prostatricum capsules contain exclusively natural ingredients that fight inflammation of the prostate. They help restore microcirculation of blood and lymph in the pelvic area and normal urination, as well as eliminate pain. The complex effect of the drug inhibits the further development of the disease.

In addition, the drug has a positive effect on male strength, improving erection.

Prostatricum ingredient list:

–   Peony bark extract: fights inflammation, reduces pain in the prostate area;

–   Green tea extract: protects prostate cells from free radical damage;

–   Selenium: supports immunity and prostate health;

–   Zinc: an essential mineral for prostate health, reduces inflammation;

–   Red palm extract: Contains betasitosterol, which improves urination and also reduces inflammation;

–   Lycopene: prostate protector against cancer cells, found in tomatoes;

–   Vitamin E: protects prostate cells from damage;

–   Saw palmetto extract: a popular ingredient for supporting prostate health and beneficial effects on urination.

Some information for publishers:

GEO: Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria;

Traffic – any sources are allowed that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com;

Prohibited traffic sources:

–   all types of spam (email, sms, etc.);

–   motivated traffic;

–   inaccurate or false information in creatives.

IMPORTANT! If you use any of the above-mentioned prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation with you unilaterally.

1st creative

Let’s look at Prostatricum creatives using the example of GEO Italy in the context of the approaches used to create them.

The first creative is a combination of an association approach (pain in the genitals depicted with chicken eggs), and a patient recovery approach, which should be correlated with using the offer.

At the bottom, we see a call to action, the text of which is translated as, “Solve problems with one action.”

2nd creative

This creative is another demonstration of the pain and discomfort approach, the pain being an internal symptom of the disease: a man in everyday clothes covers his groin area with his hands, as if demonstrating that he is uncomfortable with his problem.

The bright red frame draws attention to the picture, and the call to action encourages the reader to solve their problem and not put it off for a long time, “Don’t delay with important issues / Solve them right away.”

3rd creative

In the third picture, as in the first two, we see a combination of several approaches: the patient’s pain as a symptom of the disease is emphasized by a graphic image of the organs suffering from prostatitis.

Against this background, the jar of Prostatricum stands out, highlighted in green, signaling to the reader that this is the solution to the problem – a clear product approach.

Video creative


This creative can be divided into 4 episodes:

First and third episodes depict two men whose normal lives are disrupted by sharp pain caused by prostatitis – these approaches use pain and descriptions of the symptoms of the disease.

Second episode shows a detailed three-dimensional cross-sectional diagram of the male genitourinary system – an approach using hand-drawn graphics. The video shows that due to the narrowing of the urinary canals, men experience problems urinating – they use doctors to support their offer.

Episode four shows a confident man being stroked all over his body by 4 female hands. At this moment, the voiceover talks about masculinity and male strength – this approach shows the consequences of taking Prostatricum, which almost directly says, “Take this and you won’t have any more problems in bed.”

The voiceover throughout the video says this, “Prostate problems affect eight out of ten men around the world. A very unpleasant illness can take you by surprise at the most inopportune moment. To avoid problems with prostatitis, take Prostatricum for prevention and to avoid prostatitis at all, as well as your form of medication. It’s easy to be a man in any situation!”

Now let’s look at creatives used by other affiliates

1st creative

A simple creative that, within the framework of a product approach, depicts the offer itself – Prostatricum – with the label first. The call-to-action text at the bottom of the image is designed to immediately catch the eye. The text says, “Prostatitis? Problem solved 100%!”

2nd creative

This creative is aimed more at an older category of men who will be happy to solve their health problems with the help of the offer – here, both fathers and grandfathers can see themselves and their pains.

In this case, they used a combination of a product approach and an approach with the results of using the offer – a demonstration of the offer’s packaging plus a joyful elderly man who shows a sign of approval.

In the upper left corner, as well as below, above the signature, we see a diagram of a healthy male genitourinary system – a graphic with healthy organs without symptoms of prostatitis.

The caption at the bottom reads, “Your faithful ally against prostatitis” and “I reduce discomfort.”

3rd creative

The last example for today is also simple, it shows the offer jar with the label in the front – the classic product approach. And on top of it a simple call-to-action, “Do you have symptoms of prostatitis? Don’t delay your treatment!”

This approach directly shows the main advantages of the supplement, for example, its completely natural ingredients.


Prostatitis is, without exaggeration, a big problem for most men on the planet, and it is very common in tier-1 countries, with which you can work if you work with Webvork. So, many of these men may well respond to an offer that promises them a healthy life without constant pain.