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Creative room: ONIXAN

Hi everyone! Problematic skin can be a real insecurity that anyone can experience. Oftentimes, foot problems are caused by fungal infections. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, untreated fungal skin can impede a person’s physical activity. Peeling, itching, and swelling caused by the fungus, people’s feet get erosion and cracks, which makes it difficult to walk, causing severe pain. In terms of prevalence, in 2022, skin diseases are on the same level as diseases of the joints, obesity, and prostatitis. As soon as humanity has a problem, scientists are there to solve it. This is how the ONIXAN offer was discovered, so let’s talk about it.

The offer is especially relevant in the summer because it is in the warm season that the problem with the legs’ skin and unpleasant odors is especially noticeable. Many people have sweaty feet, the result of which can be fungus. This disease looks and smells really unpleasant, moreover, not only can the fungus be on the legs, it can settle on the hands and other open parts of the body. If we sum up all these factors, we can see that it’s an urgent problem for both the male and female population of the planet.

What is this offer?

ONIXAN is a spray, a completely natural product that, when used regularly, eliminates various problems associated with foot health. The spray deeply moisturizes the skin, providing long-term protection against fungi and dermatitis. Unlike other products, it can be used on the entire surface of the feet. It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue on clothes.

The ingredients include:

1) Oak extract. Stops the growth of yeast, and fungi, eliminates itching and kills fungi.

2) Sage extract. Reduces sweating by “turning off” the corresponding glands. Disinfects, cleans, and guarantees a long-lasting pleasant smell.

3) Phenoxyethanol. It has dissolving and bactericidal properties, penetrates deep into the skin substrate, effectively eliminating problem areas of the skin, while giving freshness and removing unpleasant odors.

If a person has skin problems, then they need ONIXAN.

Some details for publishers

1. GEO – Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria (follow relevant information on GEOs in your Webvork account, there may be more coming). We don’t offer delivery to Spanish Balearic and the Canary Islands, as well as Melilla and Ceuta cities. In Portugal, we don’t deliver to the Azores and Madeira.

2. Age gap – 40+ (though find relevant statistics in your Webvork account).

3. Traffic – any kind of traffic that is not forbidden in our affiliate network.

4. Forbidden approaches – motivated traffic, publishing creatives with knowingly false information, any sort of spam.

And now, let’s move on to the creatives. We’ll show you our team’s designs and talk about their messages, after which we’ll go through other publishers’ creatives.

1st creative

A simple and clear creative. We can see a person’s foot, the offer in the center of the pic, and the area of ​​irritated skin under a microscope. The captions translates, “An easy way to defeat the fungus, itching, and scuffs.”

The point is to show users an actual problem and demonstrate its solution. If you experience itching, irritation, and fungus on your skin, then the problem needs to be addressed urgently! Apply the ONIXAN spray and free your feet from the disease. If the user has a similar problem, they will definitely click on the link.

2nd creative

This creative has a different message. The image shows a person soaking their feet in a wash basin, they’re using some sort of folk remedy. We can know this thanks to a bag of herbs, which must’ve changed the color of the water. Below, on the left, there is the offer and caption saying “An easy way to defeat fungus, itching, and abrasions.”

If you’re tired of traditional methods, don’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning and evening on such procedures, soak your feet in a basin, as if it’s the 20th century, we know a way out! Apply the ONIXAN spray on the affected area of​​the skin for several days and the problem will go away.

3rd creative

This creative is similar to the previous one. We can see a man soaking his feet in a basin filled with some kind of herbs. The offer is on the left below. The caption translates, “An easy way to defeat the fungus, itching, and scuffs.”

Alternative methods are good, but why stretch the treatment process out for several weeks when you can be cured in a few days? The ONIXAN spray only contains natural ingredients in high concentration. The spray will relieve you of any skin problems and save you time.

4th creative

It’s a very entertaining creative, showing several problems that can happen to legs at different stages in just one picture. We can see various nail plate damages: discoloration, delamination, suppuration, fungal infection. In the center of the picture is the offer itself and the inscription says, “An easy way to defeat the fungus, itching, and scuffs.”

It doesn’t matter how advanced the skin damage is – just skin itching or actual blisters. ONIXAN will cope with any problem that the fungal infection causes. Get your feet their health back.

5th creative

It’s a more blunt, aggressive approach. The creative shows nails that are almost black in color. It could be some kind of fungus or hematoma. The offer is in the bottom right corner. The inscription translates: “An easy way to defeat the fungus, itching, and scuffs.”

This openly tells users that not only is ONIXAN able to treat itching, fungus, or abrasions, but it can also get rid of hematomas. One has only to apply the spray and the positive effect will be noticeable in a few hours.

Video creative


The first frame of the video creative shows a girl taking off her socks, frowning, and covering her nose – obviously, her feet smell bad. The following frames show people with various skin problems, itching, and peeling. Then the user’s attention is focused on demonstrating the use and action of the supplement at the cellular level. This supplement can save a person from various unpleasant manifestations of skin diseases. In confirmation of this, the final frames of the creative show healthy skin that leads to a happy family. The captions say, “Eliminates itching and discomfort”, “Eliminates unpleasant odors and reduces sweating”, “Treats fungal infections on the hands and feet”, “Go to the site”. There is a static inscription at the bottom saying, “An easy way to beat the fungus, itching, and scuffs.”

The point is to show a person the problems and tell them that there is a spray that can solve them. Just apply it to the problem area of ​​​​the skin and you will definitely see a positive effect. After the treatment course, the feet will be healthy again, and taking trips with the family will become a pleasure, not a torment.

And now let’s take a look at the creatives that other affiliates work with.

1st creative

It’s a simple and intuitive creative. We can see the offer and beautiful and healthy female feet on a blue background. The caption translates, “Natural antifungal agent.”

The goal of the creative is to show that if you want to have healthy beautiful feet too, then use the offer! If the user intends to rid themselves of problems with their feet’ skin, they will follow the link to your landing or pre-landing page and learn the information about the offer in detail.

2nd creative

The affiliate chose not to use text in the image but rather used text in the ad. The text of the ad probably refers to skin diseases, such as fungus, itching, and blisters. If you are tired of all this, do not torture yourself even more, just start using ONIXAN, and the problem will quickly go away – doctor’s advice.

It’s a medical approach. There are no extra details, only the doctor and the offer. Such an ad with a minimum of details can evoke the necessary associations. The image of a doctor gives 100 points to your trust rate. If the user has some health problems, they will definitely follow the link to study the offer in detail, because this supplement may be the only necessary remedy for solving their problems.

3rd creative

It’s a rougher approach, head-on. We can see the consequences of a neglected feet infection, peeling, suppuration, and necrosis.

This affiliate tried to convey to the user what neglecting this problem can lead to. They very well demonstrated what happens when there is no timely treatment. As the saying goes, “Forewarned, forearmed”! Use *offer name* and you’ll have healthy feet.


So, we’ve shown you the creatives that our team and other affiliates use. Use the warm season to take the most of the ONIXAN offer that everyone whose skin is prone to various external irritants can benefit from. Offer the people ONIXAN, and the profit will not keep you waiting.