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Creative room: Keton Aktiv

The fight against excess weight is being waged in all countries of the world. Some places the rate of obesity is relatively small, for example, in Vietnam. And there are countries that regularly appear at the top of obesity rankings – the USA, Great Britain, Malta and others.

Every year the numbers are growing: people have more stress, and less and less time for sports and healthy eating. Big weight is not only harmful in itself, but also provokes many diseases that can otherwise be avoided. Therefore, both women and men use additional aids in the fight against excess weight. This is exactly what our offer is – the supplement Keton Aktiv.

What is this offer?

Keton Aktiv stimulates the breakdown of fat in the body. It can be used independently. But it’s best used as part of a keto diet – a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, moderate-protein diet.

The target audience is mostly women – 82.05%, men – 17.95%. The peak age of the female audience is 45-50 years old, the male audience is from 45 to 60 years old.

Keton Aktiv ingredient list

Green tea extract – improves metabolism, removes excess water from the body, neutralizes free radicals, strengthens the tone of blood vessels and skin.

Gymnema extract – reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels, has a powerful tonic effect, and reduces cravings for sweets.

Griffonia extract – helps control appetite, improves sleep and mood.

L-leucine – slows down fat growth and helps muscle growth

L-lysine – responsible for joint flexibility, skin elasticity, and is involved in collagen synthesis.

Some information for publishers

1) GEOs: USA, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria.

We do not deliver products to the Spanish Balearic and Canary Islands, as well as the cities of Melilla and Ceuta. Portugal: Azores and Madeira islands.

2) Traffic – any sources are allowed that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com.

3) Prohibited traffic sources include:

– all types of spam (email, sms, etc.)

– motivated traffic

– inaccurate or false information in creatives

IMPORTANT! If you use any of the above-mentioned prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally.

Below, we have prepared several creative options for Keton Aktiv, let’s look at them in more detail using GEO Spain as an example.

1st creative

The creative resembles the style of social networks. We only see the title and the result. The text on the picture says, “A complete set of nutritional supplements for your ideal figure.”

2nd creative

Here we also see a demonstration of the result, the color palette is neutral, the main emphasis is on the photo. The text on the picture says, “The key to a beautiful figure is proper nutrition and a balanced set of nutritional supplements. Buy now. 100% natural.”

3rd creative

The layout poses a product approach and highlights the main features. The text says, “Trust natural nutritional supplements! 100% natural. Suitable for men and women. Improves digestion. Reduces caloric content of food. Enriched with useful elements.”

Video creative


In the first frame, the girl is eating a salad while looking sad.

In the second shot we see an athletic, tanned girl in excellent physical shape.

In the third part, we see a pill breaking, and fruits and vegetables seem to spill out of it. The green background supports the emphasis on the naturalness of the ingredients.

The fourth episode demonstrates the internal organs of a person: liver, stomach, intestines and how the drug affects them.

In the fifth frame we see interactions at the molecular level.

The sixth part shows the girl happily looking at herself in the mirror, while her jeans are clearly now too big for her.

The video is accompanied by a voice-over, “The key to health and an ideal figure lies in nutrition! In order to get the necessary components from food, you can avoid eternal calculations of the amount of food consumed. It is enough to supplement your body with vitamins using nutritional supplements!

All-natural, immune system-boosting and metabolism-boosting, Keton Aktiv supplements are a great addition to your diet. Take care of yourself now!”

Let’s see what creatives other affiliates use in their work

1st creative

This layout is designed not only for women, but also for men. The emphasis is placed on the fact that people hold the packages in their hands, this creates more trust. We see the and the text on the picture reads, “For all dessert lovers who want to lose weight. Natural ingredients. Suppresses appetite and gives energy. Guaranteed results.”

2nd creative

A standard product approach, all the main advantages are clearly highlighted here. Please note that the mockup shows a 5-star rating from a local review platform. “Natural weight loss. Burns up to 97%. Reduces cellulite. 100% natural. No diets. Order now.”

3rd creative

Product approach with demonstration of the result; in the foreground we can clearly see the product. The text on the picture says, “Use keto coffee in your daily life to promote happy and healthy ketosis.”


Obesity directly affects our health. According to WHO, in 2022 in Europe, 59% of adults and almost every third child struggled with being overweight or obese. This problem is faced by all segments of the population. But people are actively working on their lifestyle and changing their eating habits. A supplement like Keton Aktiv helps achieve results faster, which means it will definitely be in demand among buyers.