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Creative Room: Dr. Prost

Every man has a small gland, literally the size of a walnut. But the magnitude of its importance for the male body is not to be underestimated. This holds the health of the entire lower body in addition to normal urination, good testosterone, and virility, plus good reproductive function, and prevention of cancer of the pelvic area. This gland, of course, is the prostate. It’s even called the second heart of a man and for good reason – it plays an important role in the transformation and activation of testosterone, the main hormone that drives a man and male behavior in general.

And what does the world of medical statistics say about chronic prostatitis? Unfortunately, there are at least 25% of men in the world who are already diagnosed with it. And not a single man wants to carry this unpleasant diagnosis to the point of prostate adenoma (when the prostate tissue is not just chronically inflamed but has already grown in size) and, even more so, to the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, all these diseases need to be prevented and properly treated, and, fortunately, medicine today provides tools for this, one of which is Dr. Prost.

What is this offer?

Dr. Prost is capsules that:

• help reduce the size of the prostate

• reduce prostate inflammation

• help maintain the risk of urinary tract infections

• contribute to the prevention of prostate diseases

• normalize the frequency of urination

• help improve urination

Ingredients include:

1) saw palmetto fruit extract

2) echinacea root extract

3) ginkgo biloba leaf extract

4) zinc

5) lycopene

Some information for publishers:

1) GEO: Italy and Switzerland

2) Age group – 40+ (see the latest statistics in your Webvork account)

3) Traffic – any sources that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com are allowed.

4) Prohibited traffic:

• all types of spam (e-mail, SMS, etc.)

• motivational traffic

• inaccurate or deceitful information in your creatives

IMPORTANT! If the publisher uses any of the above prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally.

Well, now let’s look at the creatives that the Webvork team uses to drive Dr. Prost traffic!

1st creative

This creative’s approach shows recovery and results that the product provides.

The creative depicts a happy smiling elderly man engaged in a fitness club activity. The circle on his lower abdomen, like a microscope, gives a glimpse of the health of his body in this particular area. And it’s perfectly healthy, a healthy prostate without swelling and an unaffected root of the phallic muscle.

The title of the creative says, “To be free from pain.”

2nd creative

The approach in this creative lays emphasis on the product itself, i.e. on the part of the creative that is quite easy for users to understand, Dr. Prost. Next to the packaging of the product is a cartoon image of a prostate suffering from adenoma: it’s squinting, shaking, and either crying or sweating.

In the background, we see a smiling elderly man occupying half of the creative. At the very top, we have a headline in large print saying, “A simple solution to men’s problems.”

3rd creative

This creative resonates more with a before/after approach. In the foreground, we have a happy man in his 30s, and the process of his recovery is brought to life by 2 cartoon prostates. The prostate on the left is shaking and in pain and there’s a No symbol on top of it. The prostate on the right is smiling and showing how strong it is with its biceps with a large green checkmark on top. above all, there’s a headline in large print saying, “Get rid of your pain now”.

Video creative


The 4 episodes of video creative present 3 approaches.

The first episode is a close-up of a man (or rather, part of his body from chest to hips), bent over and clutching his groin. The caption at the bottom says, “Are you in pain?”.

This approach is obviously painful, and it continues in the second episode. Here, we see a man, bent over with his buttocks facing a doctor that’s putting on gloves. This is clearly a urologist’s office, and now the man is waiting for the most unpleasant manual examination of the prostate through the anus. The man’s horrified. The caption at the bottom of the second episode says, “Avoid going to the doctor”. So, in the first episode, we put pressure on the purely physical discomfort of a patient with prostatitis or adenoma, while in the second episode, we also put pressure on wild emotional discomfort during palpation of the prostate by a doctor.

The third episode, on the one hand, continues to add to the emotional component of discomfort, so this approach is primarily painful, but it provokes associations. The association with medical prostate probing is played out very precisely and simply: one hand in a medical glove holds a donut and the other hand in a medical glove slowly examines the hole of this donut. The headline says, “There is a solution.”

This episode now gives the user hope that the embarrassing trip to get a manual prostate exam can be avoided, and this hope is reinforced by the fourth and final episode that shows the product itself. In this episode, we see a smiling man in his 30s, and on his left, we see an interesting and simple animated sequence with the offer. The cartoonish prostate, twisted in pain, which we have already seen in the creatives above, is immediately knocked down by Dr. Prost. The caption at the bottom says, “Get rid of suffering pain-free.”

And now, let’s look at creatives that other affiliates use.

IMPORTANT! Since Dr. Prost is a new offer, today, it’s impossible to find competitors’ creatives for it – there is nothing in spying services. Therefore, we will compare our creatives with similar offers, those that also help to treat prostatitis and adenoma.

1st creative

This one combines 3 approaches: product, pain, and medicine. In the foreground, we can see the remedy itself and an intelligent middle-aged doctor explaining something (white coat, glasses, phonendoscope – elements that tend to emphasize the medical approach).

In the background, we see a man clutching his groin, apparently suffering from a sharp pain (to emphasize the sore spot, designers even lit it up). There is a lot of text on the creative. At the top, the title on a red background says, “Inflammation of the prostate gland is an extremely common disease”, the title in thin type below says, “According to various sources, 35-45% of men suffer from it”, the third text (at the very bottom) says, “Problem 100% solved”.

2nd creative

Here, we have a teasing approach since the title of the creative translates as, “Prostatitis is easy to cure. Once a day, you need…” (in the Italian version, for some reason, there are no dots in the end). In the upper part, we see a swollen prostate, the flag of Italy, and the Caduceus (which is traditionally associated with medicine). In the lower part, we see a strange little bottle that has something like mercury inside it. Some will definitely be intrigued by this combo, and some will be repelled by its strangeness, but it definitely has the potential to drive good conversions.

3rd creative

The title here says, “A unique bioelement for getting rid of prostatitis at home.” Of course, this is a hand-drawn approach that also includes a before/after approach. On the left, we see a sad swollen prostate, and on the right, a cheerful and normalized one.


Prostatitis and adenoma threaten, if not all, then the vast majority of men living on Earth who have crossed the 40-year mark. Of course, there are those who care little about their health in general, and not just health below the belt. Offer Dr. Prost is now open in Italy and Switzerland – countries with a high standard of living and well-developed healthcare systems.

Despite the high healthcare bar, nobody should ever forget that men, wherever they live, are beings who find it difficult to recognize any of their weaknesses, and a significant part of them would not want even a doctor to get into their holy of holies, even for the purpose of diagnosing a serious illness. And some men are disillusioned with modern medicine and want to try something more natural (which is what the offer is).

Therefore, guys, Dr. Prost is a product that can provide you with nice approval rates and profits all year round, since GEOs here are all Tier-1 countries. Male physiology and psychology are more or less the same regardless of location, and prostatitis and adenoma aren’t seasonal.

So, drive your traffic, test different approaches, and you’ll see that profit!