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Creative Room: Double Slim

How can women live soundly in their bodies, when social networks, regardless of the season, are full of super fit models and influencers? They come across and subconsciously force your psyche to compare them with yourself, forcing the shaky nerves to play pranks on you. And from that, some are no longer drawn to doing exercises, but more and more to raiding the refrigerator and sofa.

Well, if you trust the WHO data, the problem of overweight is not just present all over the planet, but becomes more and more prominent every decade. Here are the proof figures that the WHO recorded: from 1975 to 2016, the number of obese people around the globe more than tripled.

In 2016, approximately 13% of the adult population of the Earth (and this is 11% of all male and 15% of all female population) were obese. The number is serious. WHO also says that at the moment, there are more obese people than underweight people, and this situation is now typical for all regions, except for some parts of Africa and Asia. Which directly says that in our tier-1 geos’ workers have a large layer of adults who are tormented by being overweight and who would like to get rid of this heavy burden. However, there are various ways to do this, including our Double Slim offer.

What is this offer?

Double Slim are capsules for bettering the tone of the body, improving metabolism, controlling appetite, and the actual body weight itself. The capsules are divided into 2 types: day and night.

The ingredients of the daily capsules Double Slim include:

• Hibiscus Extract (Hibiscus has traditionally been used in weight loss programs. It can also reduce inflammation and improve metabolism, helping to normalize body weight.)

• Guarana Seed Extract (Guarana is a natural stimulant containing caffeine. Increases energy levels, stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.)

• Acai palm extract (acai is a rich source of antioxidants and potentially beneficial for weight loss.)

• Brown algae powder (Brown algae is a source of iodine, which is important for maintaining thyroid function. The thyroid gland, in turn, is necessary for the regulation of metabolism.)

• Green Tea Leaf Extract (Green tea is rich in antioxidants and promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism and burning fat. In addition, this ingredient regulates blood sugar levels and controls junk food cravings.)

Double Slim night capsules ingredients:

• L-carnitine tartrate (an amino acid that plays a fundamental role in the breakdown of fats for energy. This may help improve metabolism and promote weight loss.)

• Magnesium (an essential mineral for many bodily functions, including metabolism and energy production. Sufficient intake of magnesium has been proven to promote weight loss.)

• Inulin (a type of fiber found in many plants. Inulin regulates digestion, creates a feeling of fullness, and controls food cravings.)

• L-Tryptophan (Promotes feelings of relaxation and improves sleep quality. Good sleep is important for weight loss, as sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain.)

• L-theanine (found in green tea. It relaxes and reduces stress, which is important for weight management, as stress can lead to overeating and weight gain.)

• Hibiscus extract (promotes weight loss. It also reduces inflammation, improves metabolism, and helps restore optimal body weight.)

• Vitamin C (an antioxidant that improves metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels.)

• Black Pepper Extract (contains piperine, which increases the bioavailability of other ingredients.)

• Chromium picolinate (normalizes lipid metabolism, reduces blood glucose, optimizes intracellular metabolism and promotes weight loss)

• Folic acid (beneficial effect on the nervous system, regulates blood sugar levels)

• Vitamin B6 (helps prevent nervous disorders, improves sleep, promotes normal protein and fat metabolism)

• Coenzyme Q10 (accelerates metabolic processes)

Some information for publishers:

1) GEO: Italy

2) Traffic – any sources that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com are allowed.

3) Prohibited traffic sources:

• all types of spam (e-mail, sms, etc.)

• motivated traffic

• inaccurate or false information in creatives

IMPORTANT! If you use any of the above prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally.

Well, now, let’s move on to the range of creatives that Webvork publishers use to sell the Double Slim offer!

1st creative

This creative uses the teaser approach. The title of the creative says, “Do not deny yourself pleasure, use a proven technique.” At a table strewn with various sweet fruits, we see a slender girl. This composition leaves the necessary understatement, which makes a person follow the link. “What exactly shouldn’t be denied? What is the method?” But, judging by the main associations, we’re talking about having a slender and healthy body, so it’s worth looking at the link, isn’t it?

2nd creative

The second creative is much more specific, the approach here is the results of the offer/recovery approach. In the center of the composition is a slender Italian woman measuring her waist and obviously being pleasantly surprised by the figure on the measuring tape. The text over the picture reads: “Change your body for the better. Only natural origin.”

3rd creative

In our experienced affiliate network view, 3 approaches are involved in this creative: product, measuring devices, and result of the offer/recovery. The product approach, of course, is expressed by the packaging of the Double Slim product itself. The approach with measuring devices is a girl holding scales (scales as a powerful association with the problem and the desired numbers on the hated device). And the last approach is also expressed by the same beautiful slender girl. The text of the creative is a Call To Action, “Lose weight without harm to health. Order now”.


The video creative consists of four sequences with different approaches.

The first episode is an approach that lays emphasis on pain, moral pain. In this episode, we see a very thick girl sitting in the lotus position in the gym and peering with obvious annoyance at the numbers on the floor scales, which she reluctantly picked up. The voice-over, as well as the text over the video, says, “Can’t lose weight?”

Second episode – symptoms of the disease plus, again, emphasis on pain. Before us appears a virtual model of an obese woman, built into a kind of virtual measuring field. Voiceover and text below say, “Workouts not working?”. Yes, here, we once again press on the sore spot of those who, for one reason or another, haven’t been helped by exercising.

The third episode is again pain-focused, but with more hope than the first episode. We see a close-up of the torso of an obese man exhausting himself with push-ups in the gym. Voiceover and text over video read, “There is a very proven way!”

The fourth episode uses the approach called offer results/recovery. The figure of a slender girl putting on her old jeans, which have obviously become a couple of sizes bigger, inspires hope even more. Voice-over and text over the video: “Just a few capsules a day and your fat will burn!”.

And now, let’s take a look at creatives that other affiliates use with this offer

Since the offer is so new and there are no creatives for it in search engines, as well as in spying services, we will show the creatives used with the sister offer – Slim4Vit, for comparison.

1st creative

In this creative, 2 approaches were mixed together: medical and celebrity approaches, as the photo shows a well-known Italian specialist in the field of molecular biology.

2nd creative

This creative also mixed 2 approaches: the before and after approach + the hand-drawn sketches approach. We can see 2 female figures here. A woman obviously suffering from excess weight on the left, and a slender one on the right. The picture on the left clearly indicates not just excess weight, but also problems with internal organs due to it. The heading at the top reads, “Over 98% Efficiency.” The inscription under the obese figure says, “BEFORE: metabolism is blocked by fat deposits and toxins”, the inscription under the slender figure says, “AFTER cleansing the body, metabolism at maximum speed.”

3rd creative

In this creative, in our opinion, they mixed 2 approaches: a product approach – in the center of the composition we see Slim4Vit offer packages. And then there’s an approach that uses hand-drawn images – all Slim4Vit bonuses are pointed at by hand-drawn arrows and little icons.


WHO directly says that problems with overweight of the adult part of the population are a problem everywhere, except for some regions of Africa and Asia, which means that millions of women and men are unhappy with their figure and live in hope or even in search of a remedy that will save them from extra pounds. You know it for yourself that exhausting work in the gym and strict diets is not for everyone, due to mental or physical health even. This is an ironclad argument in favor of the great prospects of our new Double Slim offer!