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Creative Room: Betasulin

Faina Ranevskaya, a Soviet actress, once showed the world an aphorism about the answer to human filth, and this aphorism is still alive today in social media. Roughly translated from Russian, it reads, “They do you dirty while you give them candy. And so on until those beasts develop diabetes.” But what does this dark humor has to do with an affiliate offer? Well, this phrase is funny, and diabetes is a serious thing, and before voicing some brutal facts on the topic of diabetes, it would be good to first lighten the mood.

So, the authority we all know, the World Health Organization, says the following about diabetes:

In 2014, the incidence among the adult population (from 18 years of age and onwards) was 8.5%. Already 4 years later, diabetes is the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths. Between 2000 and 2019, the death rate from diabetes increased by 3%.

This is direct evidence that says that people on this planet, as if in the air, need developments that would alleviate the problem of pancreatic dysfunction and all the complications arising from it. Fortunately, such developments exist and are available to many.

What is this offer?

Offer Betasulin helps normalize insulin synthesis and production. This natural supplement improves carbohydrate-fat metabolism, positively affecting blood glucose levels. Betasulin reduces cravings for sweets, reduces appetite and hunger. This remedy can also be used to prevent and combat diabetes if there are corresponding disorders in the body.

Betasulin capsules ingredients:

–   cinnamon bark extract (helps the body lower blood sugar levels by motivating the transport of glucose into cells),

– green coffee extract (contains chlorogenic acid, which lowers blood sugar)

– 1.3-1.6 beta-glucans (made from brewer’s yeast) (improves metabolism, supports a healthy immune response)

– sunflower lecithin (in the case of type I diabetes, it reduces the external insulin requirement, and in the case of type II diabetes, compensates for the lack of phospholipids and essential fatty acids),

– Selenomethionine (antioxidant and immunostimulating effects),

– vitamin B1 (carries out normal combustion of carbohydrates in the body),

– vitamin B2 (reduces insulin concentration),

– vitamin B3 (lipomodulatory effect),

– vitamin B5 (improves metabolic processes),

– vitamin B6 (prevents nervous system disorders, improves insulin absorption)

– vitamin B7 (reduces blood glucose levels),

– vitamin B8 (improves the transmission of insulin signals),

– vitamin B9 (helps normalize carbohydrate metabolism),

– vitamin B12 (helps normalize and reduce blood sugar levels)

– vitamin C (helps lower blood sugar)

Some information for publishers:

1) GEO: Italy

2) Traffic – any sources that are not prohibited by the rules of Webvork.com are allowed.

3) Prohibited traffic sources:

– all types of spam (email, sms, etc.)

– motivated traffic

– inaccurate or false information in creatives

IMPORTANT! If you use any of the above-mentioned prohibited sources, Webvork.com has the right to terminate cooperation unilaterally

1st creative

What we have here is a combination of the product approach and the life inconveniences approach. The first one is depicted as straight as possible – in the left foreground with the treasured jar of Betasulin. The second one is reflected on a blurred background, where you can see a donut, a glucometer and a schedule for that very strict diabetic diet. The three text points to the right of the Betasulin read,

“Perfect support.

Ideal ratio of all active ingredients.

Full of high quality and effective ingredients.”

2nd creative

A mix of product and measuring instruments approaches and a call to action. The first one is, again, striking with the offer jar, this time located on the right. The second approach, just like in the first creative, is present only on a blurred background (however, this will make it more difficult for the Facebook algorithm to spot anything wrong about it). Against this very background, you can see medical gloves and a glucometer close-up.

Here’s what the creative’s text tells us,

“Dietary supplement with formulations based on herbs, minerals, vitamins.”

Below, we can see an “Order Now” button.

3rd creative

Back to the combination of approaches that we already saw in the first creative: the product approach + approach with life’s inconveniences, supported by a call to action. The first one is, once again, striking with a large jar of Betasulin on the left, the second one is a blurry, but quite readable background image of syringes, a glucometer, and a diet schedule. The text to the right of the jar conveys the following message, “Betasulin is your partner in the fight against diabetes to live a full and active life.” Next to it is, again, the standard “Order now” button.


We have 6 episodes here.

First episode. It’s the symptoms of a disease approach – we see a doctor taking blood from a finger from an elderly woman for tests. The approach puts pressure on psychological pain – it reminds us of an unpleasant and inevitable lifelong procedure, and even of the illness itself with which a person has to live. The episode refers to the inevitability of the consequences of the disease, immediately providing a solution, “Fight diabetes with Betasulin, an innovative solution for controlling blood sugar levels.”

Second episode. It’s a pure “image of organs and tissues” approach. Here, we’re shown the cellular processes occurring in the body of a diabetic patient. The text and voice-over of the second episode begins to talk about the work of the offer, “Thanks to its unique composition, our product will stabilize your level of…”

Third episode. Oddly enough, but we have an approach with an emphasis on pain here – a man is happily eating fast food and any diabetic patient understands that this junk food admirer is at risk: the pancreas will not like this. The voiceover and text continue the previous message, saying, “Thanks to its unique composition, our product stabilizes your blood sugar levels and normalizes insulin production.”

The fourth and fifth episodes are completely similar in their meaning – they use the “result of using the offer” or recovery approach. The fourth episode shows a girl dancing, and the fifth one has a man skipping – both are clearly happy with their current lives. The voice-over and text give even more hope, “Forget about stress and endless restrictions – Betasulin gives you the freedom to enjoy life without worrying about sugar spikes.”

Sixth episode. The same approach as in the previous episode, only with a loud call to action detail: against the girls dancing by the seashore at sunset, we see a beautiful Call To Action moment – “Buy now”.

Now, let’s take a look at creatives used by other affiliates

1st creative

A straightforward combination of the product approach and the recovery approach. The product here, as in the case of our own creatives, is Betasulin, its jar is placed right in the foreground. The recovery approach – a background photo of a happy elderly couple. i.e., the main target audience of our offer. Of course, the elderly will see themselves in them.

2nd creative

Again, a simple and direct mix of two approaches: the product approach and the approach with measuring instruments. The product one looks at us in the form of the same offer jar on the left in the foreground, and the approach with measuring instruments is introduced by a glucometer, which many diabetics are probably already tired of. But the glucose measurement on the device screen is normal, so the target audience will instantly understand the logic here, “Do you want your sugar to be at 5.5? Take a closer look at the drug on the left.”

3rd creative

High-quality pre-landing page creative adaptation using customer reviews. Here, we see 3 photographs of ordinary Italians who used Betasulin with realistic photos, names, cities of residence, and fairly detailed reviews.


Diabetes and everything that it comes with is an obvious problem on a planetary scale, and in Tier-1 countries, with which Webvork works, this problem is just as big as in Tier-2 countries (if not more). Therefore, take some inspiration from our and other people’s creatives and drive traffic to health offers!