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Creative Room: ACUSTAN

Hearing loss is widespread among older people, affecting more than 25% of people over the age of 60. But the disease is “getting younger.” According to WHO, throughout life, hearing loss is influenced by a large number of factors:

–   Earwax (earwax blocking the ear canal).

–   Ear or head injury.

–   Excessive noise/loud sounds.

–   Ototoxic drugs.

–   Ototoxic chemicals associated with work.

–   Malnutrition.

–   Viral infections and other ear diseases.

–   Late-onset advancing hereditary hearing loss.

It’s forecasted that by 2050, almost 2.5 billion people will suffer from some degree of hearing loss and at least 700 million people will require rehabilitation services due to hearing loss. One of the options to solve the problem is to take the Acustan supplement at the first signs of hearing problems.

What is this offer?

The capsules sharpen auditory sensitivity and maintain hearing clarity. Regular use helps improve blood microcirculation in the auditory system and protects its cells from damage by free radicals. Acustan capsules are recommended for any hearing impairment, including age-related hearing loss, otitis, and deafness.

Acustan ingredient list includes:

–   Magnesium citrate: helps reduce tinnitus and the frequency and severity of migraines;

–   L-arginine: one of the most important amino acids, improves blood flow and reduces ear pressure;

–   Ginkgo biloba: a herbal supplement that helps improve blood flow to the brain, which has a positive effect on hearing acuity;

–   Acacia gum: increases the ability of the intestinal walls to absorb beneficial elements;

–   Citrus bioflavonoids: actively used in the treatment of sensorineural deafness;

–   Zinc bisglycinate: effectively reduces tinnitus;

–   Alpha lipoic acid: maintains youth and cell health;

–   Vitamins B3 and B12: fight senile deafness and otosclerosis.

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Let’s look at the creative options for Acustan using the example of GEO Italy in the context of the approaches used to create them.

1st creative

The first creative uses a hearing aid approach and a man showing his hearing problem. We immediately see a catchy headline, “Hear the sounds around you, without tools or hearing aids.”

2nd creative

The second creative is made in the form of a drawing without any visual associations with medical topics and affects the user’s emotions. Here, a man with a hearing aid is holding a music record, and it seems he remembers how good it was to hear music. The headline adds, “Capsules that will improve your hearing without surgery.”

3rd creative

The third creative is also in the form of a drawing with a girl, a volume-up sign, and an arrow that shows height. The text in the title speaks of a ready-made solution to the problem, “It’s easy to hear the world! Give your ears a new life.”

Video creative


The reel consists of 6 episodes:

The first episode highlights the problem: the girl that we see can’t hear something. At this time, the voice-over says that hearing problems can occur at any age.

The second episode shows the awkward process of putting on a hearing aid.

The third episode demonstrates how the human ear perceives sounds.

The fourth and sixth episodes are about the joy and opportunity to live a full life without a hearing aid. This girl is now having fun at a concert with her friends, and the other character’s smiling in his office.

The fifth episode has a sound wave that visualizes a hearing problem.

The text and voiceover in the video say, “Hearing problems can strike you at any age. They can be corrected even without surgery. Don’t let illness ruin your life, hear all the beautiful sounds of this world. Take action now!”

Let’s see some creatives used by other affiliates.

1st creative

The first picture shows a girl who clearly has hearing problems. The offer proposes to solve it not with a hearing aid, but with Acustan capsules. The text can be translated as follows, “100% recovery without surgery, don’t wait until you’re deaf. Take 1 capsule after meals.”

2nd creative

The second creative is again a drawing, we see a bright arrow drawing attention to an ear. Here, we know it’s a product approach with a large image of the drug. The headline says that hearing will be restored without surgery.

3rd creative

The third creative has a combined approach: a medical approach and a photo of the product. The picture shows a doctor and an elderly patient with a hearing complaint, a diagram of the auricle, and Acustan. The creative attracts attention by saying, “One capsule will allow you to hear again.”


Deafness and hearing loss are diseases that are now becoming increasingly popular not only among people over 60 years of age, but also among younger people. In Tier-1 countries (with which you can work via Webvork), these are active internet users, they trust telemedicine, and often place orders online. This way, an offer like Acustan will be relevant and in demand.