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Offer: Proctolin (hemorrhoids)

GEO: Europe. Mainly Italy

Traffic source: Facebook

Traffic driving period: April 2023 – January 2024

Total leads: 3603 Valid leads: 2032

Confirmed leads: 1207

Average payout rate for all GEOs: €39

Average approval rate for all GEOs: 33.5%

Expenses: €27,500

Income: €48,240

Profit: €20,740

ROI: 57%

Why hemorrhoids?

They say that the nutra vertical is dying… at conferences all they talk about is gambling. And while others were talking, we decided to do and raise some shekels on rectal treatment…

We chose the Webvork affiliate program. You’ve probably heard about high payout rates, because Webvork is a direct advertiser and can give the best rates on the market. But besides this, to be honest, when working with Webvork, I am always very pleased with the personal participation of the manager in the advertising process, up-to-date information, and they’re always in touch on all issues, which ultimately leads to a positive result in the nutra business.

So, our team has been driving nutra traffic for a very long time, ever since Facebook had a limit of $50 and it was considered invalid in the online stores that sell Facebook accounts. We specialize in virility, less often in prostatitis, and in this case, described below, we decided not to stray far from the beaten path and “delicate” topics. It turned out quite successfully.

Traffic driving strategy

Let’s start from big to small. 7 pre-landing pages, 5 landing pages, half a hundred creatives and many, lots of ad accounts. 3 or 4 weeks were spent on tests, and after everything went more or less as usual (as far as this generally happens on Facebook). As a result: we got 2 approaches to creatives, a pre-landing page with a doctor and a slightly modified landing page from the affiliate network in different European languages.

And a month later, looking ahead, Italy gave the highest and most stable result.

Tools used

Over the months of working with this offer, we managed to use everything that the market for selling Facebook accounts offers: from cheap self-registered accounts to unsettled ad accounts; from King accounts with 10 auto registered accounts tied to it to high-limit agency ad accounts. Sometimes we even used “trending” accounts, everything depended on Facebook’s mood at the moment, as well as new-type fan pages of varying degrees of farming, more often just new accounts with fake increased reactions and a couple of posts.

Inspiration for the creative was taken from the advertising library and Adheart. We even tried to upload a deepfake of an Italian TV series star. The results were above average, but at the time of testing, Facebook was in crisis and mood swings, and it was not possible to fully shed light on this offer. Although now it is going quite successfully in a related niche, but that’s another story…ultimately a medical approach + something niche-appropriate weird eye-catching image with a tube of the offer’s cream and an emotional ad copy about the problem.

Keitaro was the tracker of choice, God bless their filters. We used European mobile “private” proxies, European bank cards from available payment systems (I won’t refer to these payment systems), so that Facebook would give us limits before the first payout. By the way, we don’t do this (meaning withdraw the payout after hitting the limit), but it’s nice to see. Yes, this is an indirect sign that the launch setup is assembled with high quality. In general, the standard set of an advertising champion.

Search for ad campaign approaches and creatives

Because We didn’t plan to write a case, there were no screenshots left from Facebook, we’re sorry, but we’ll attach the stats from the affiliate program:

On average, a valid lead in an affiliate program cost 12-14 bucks. December spoiled the picture a little due to the increased Christmas CPM, but the approval also boosted quite well + at that time, we were already able to request an approval rate guarantee from Webvork.

The target is predominantly the older age group and traffic from Facebook’s feed. We experimented with interests and placements, but wide coverage, as often happens, showed itself best. Thanks to the rich European economy, a sedentary lifestyle provides a large number of target audiences all year round.

Now some examples:

We took a landing page from Webwork as a basis. We tried pr-landing pages with different approaches, but in the end, we took those with medical recommendations.


Nutra is alive and drives an ROI, Facebook is an ageless classic. In six months of work, we spent $25,000, enriched account online supply stores by approximately $2,500, received 2,032 valid leads in the Webvork statistics and earned €20,000+. With a payout rate of 35+ euros per approval and a sane call center, it is quite possible to build long-term work!