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CASE: Driving traffic in Germany and Austria for €4 per lead

Hi everyone! We’re a media buying team from Estonia, we have been driving nutra traffic for about 6 years, this is our main activity for us. From the very beginning of our journey, Webvork has been the main affiliate network for our work.

To prevent the article from rendering meaningless, we will try to share useful information, but without doing too much harm to ourselves. Let’s start with a description of how things are with Facebook now in the nutra vertical, and then we’ll talk about how we are launching our campaigns nowadays. At the end, there will be real screenshots from the accounts, as well as creatives and a pre-landing page of the offers that are working right now.

The current situation with nutra on Facebook

Over the last one and a half to two years, Facebook has greatly weakened its filters. Almost no one remembers what selfie checks looked like and what a Facebook storm was when up to 20 percent of your campaigns took weeks to be moderated. This is the longest period of all time when Facebook does not put any spokes in the wheels of its advertisers in terms of launches. All this led to the fact that the cost of applications increased significantly, and the margin of affiliates became significantly smaller. In addition, recently Apple began charging Facebook 30% for promotions via iOS. In our opinion, the general trend will lead to the fact that affiliate networks will have to significantly raise their payout rates and look for ways to recoup the traffic paid to their publishers, and Facebook publishers will have to put up with lower ROI and hope for cheap applications and large volumes with each launch. However, many guys and teams are doing a good job with this – with our main GEOs and offers, we notice new major players who appeared last year and to this day are consistently buying up huge volumes of traffic on Facebook.

Facebook ad launches

Due to the problems described above, we are currently launching about 5 identical 1-1-1 campaigns with small budgets on each account at the start. After moderation and successful launch, prices are checked on each account – as a result, we leave one best campaign that gives the cheapest leads. Everything is run through our CRM. Each of, say, 5 campaigns on one running account are simply its original copy with slightly modified creatives. When launched, additional elements are overlaid on the creative of each ad copy – we use circles/stripes/shifts/frames. This is all done automatically by our system, both in image and in video creatives. This is done for uniqueness and to reduce the number of account bans at the start. In some cases, this even has a positive effect on CTR. If all the campaigns on an account, for example, started at 10 euros each and did not give more than two applications, then absolutely all of them must stop, and on such accounts, we relaunch a new GEO. There is no such thing that we hope that over time some new campaign should level out the price and leave it for a day or two. No applications at the start – stop immediately, and it doesn’t matter that the account may be banned with a restart. We launch an average of 100 accounts per day and accumulate the best ones. At any given time, we may have 500 active accounts streaming live, with which we continue to work with budgets. We do not use any trackers – all launches, statistics, work and automation are carried out via API through our CRM, media buyers do not log into Facebook. Accounts are created locally from scratch by our farming department, and are also farmed by bots, and after they are fully ready, they are integrated into the CRM via tokens. Cloaking is implemented on the basis of IM Klo + several minor additional filters that do not really solve anything globally. White pages are automatically generated on bootstrap every time a campaign is launched; the main elements of the template are a form and a window with cookies. When Facebook has a new storm and white pages can play a significant role, then niche texts are automatically loaded into those white pages. But since there are no problems with launches now, we’ve simply been generating random texts simply for our white pages for the last year and a half, so as not to spend money on services for generating niche content for each GEO and offer.

Case and recommendations for launching

At the moment, we can only share the most lucrative offer and advise you to start driving traffic to weight loss offers. All other offers, except for potency, will already require a lot of expertise and costs from you. For some offers, out of a huge number of launches, up to 10 percent may remain profitable. That is, after launch, up to 90 percent of accounts for different GEOs and offers are stopped and restarted in a cycle. And there is a huge number of pre-landing pages, creatives and variables – it will be very difficult for you to figure it all out right away, approaches/creatives/text/targeting settings can change every week. If you even try to copy something and run it, you will end up in 90 percent of the campaigns that we stop, and you will no longer see those that bring us profit in spying services. In the case of weight loss and potency, there is enough traffic for everyone, so as a thank you to Webvork, with which we have been steadily working on good terms for many years, we are dropping an actually working case.

Below you will find different creatives and pre-landing pages for the Keton Aktiv offer in German, everything is completely as it is and ready – along with screenshots and information about what exactly is driving traffic right now. For German-speaking countries, we launch 3 countries simultaneously – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is done in order to reach as large an audience as possible. Order applications will mainly come from Germany, but Austria and Switzerland will convert from time to time too. Targeting settings are: women 35+. In this particular ad campaign approach, we don’t even adapt the city and history for each of the three countries in the pre-landing page. In many other German-speaking offers, we do adapt that. We do not advertise any offers to German-speaking countries separately.

Here are 3 screenshots from 3 different accounts attached below.

Now, below here is a complete campaign approach with creatives and pre-landing pages of what drives traffic in these three accounts right now:

Creative from the first account

Creative from the second account


Creative from the third account


Here is the link to the pre-landing page – https://www.upload.ee/files/16546456/ketonaktiv_berlin.zip.html

The creatives above are the original files. As I wrote in the article, unique elements/frames/strokes are applied to absolutely every creative at absolutely every launch. Come up with the text for your creatives yourself. In the screenshots above, the average cost of an application is approximately 4 euros, you can calculate/estimate the ROI based on your average weight loss offers’ playout rate and approval/guarantor in Germany/Austria/Switzerland in the affiliate network. I think that now the average rate for these countries across the entire market is somewhere in the region of 35-45 euros per approval. Based on your data, consider at what cost limits for an order application you should work. Good luck driving your traffic!