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Affiliates Talks: Pavel Shvetsov

Greetings to all our partners! Today, we’re interviewing Pavel Shvetsov, owner of the Clickbudz affiliate network, owner of a very useful and blasting YouTube and Telegram channels called “Pavel Shvetsov Arbitrazh Traffica” (i.e., “Pavel Shvetsov Affiliate Marketing) and “A kak lit?” (i.e., “How to drive traffic?”), and 3 stores that sell accounts, creatives, and proxies (which we will talk about too). With Pavel, we chatted about his involvement in the release of a new anti-detect browser and the release of an account farming service, about his experience of working with Brocard and Anybill payment services, about where to get traffic now with the Russian geo, and so much more.

  1) Hello, Pavel! How did you get into affiliate marketing and how long ago did you start? Where did you find yourself before this particular stage in your life?

Hi. At first, I was engaged in product trading for almost two years, there’s a video about this on my YouTube channel, where I tell in detail how much and how exactly I was managing my earnings, I talk about the difficulties and problems in that work. Then I got into affiliate marketing.

2) How long ago did you create your useful Telegram channel called “A kak lit?” (i.e., “How to drive traffic?”) and how were you promoting it? Your YouTube channel “Pavel Shvetsov Arbitrazh Traffica” (i.e., “Pavel Shvetsov Affiliate Marketing) deserves the same praise, it was created on September 25, 2015, and we would like to ask the same question about it too – how did you promote it and how big a role did organic promotion play in its story?

Yes, I didn’t bother with promotion, I just shot useful videos and didn’t go into details – I just did what I liked and what helped other less experienced publishers.

3) Pavel, the Clickbudz affiliate network is now taking up your main time or are you focusing more on promoting your media resources + the 3 of your stores: Accounts (http://ttshop-acss.com/), Creatives (http://adconver.com/), Proxies (http://adsproxy.com/)? And, by the way, how many people in the team do you currently need for all this to successfully run?

The affiliate network is now pulling 70% of my time, the rest of the time I and the team devote to the proxy and the account stores. There are almost 10 people in the affiliate network, and the store and other services are a big secret. Also, soon, my friends will launch an anti-detect browser and I will work with it as a trustee in the Russian market.

  4) In one of the recent posts on your Telegram channel “A kak lit?” (i.e., “How to drive traffic?”), you uploaded a screenshot from your ad account with three ads, and there was an adult offer and you said that your CTR is usually 30-50% when you approach this vertical lightly. Judging by the approach, is this the one without all sorts of obscene hints in your ad creatives?

Yes, this is a common thing for the adult niche, the only question is how such a creative will convert and what will be the cost of one lead.

  5) Which way, in your experience, is the most profitable to drive nutra traffic in Tier-1 countries? Facebook, TikTok? And maybe you use some less obvious sources like the Japanese social network Line or Quora, Reddit, maybe Pinterest?

I only drive Facebook traffic, and a little later I will try myself in Google again. I don’t have time to do that now. My main sources are Facebook and Google. I haven’t been on TikTok for a couple of years.

6) If we only take the Russian Federation as our geo and take several verticals: gambling, crypto, nutra, adult, then what sites can currently provide satisfactory traffic for affiliates? In a video on your YouTube channel, you analyzed the following sources: MyTarget, Vkontakte, Yandex Direct, Telegram. Are these the only lively sources for affiliate marketing in the Russian Federation now? Or can you use, for example, Yandex Zen or the Chinese Bigo platform, that have a big audience of people from the Russian Federation (at the same time, you don’t need to cloak anything on Bigo at all)?

I don’t know what’s going on on Bigo, I haven’t used it. Vkontakte, Telegram, Yandex, and buying traffic from Instagram bloggers is all I can say for the Russian Federation traffic, given that I have not driven Russian traffic for the last 4 years, I am not an expert in this matter.

7) Is the development of a service for post-farming accounts, which you recently announced on your YouTube channel still relevant, is it in the process right now? If so, when can we expect it and where will it be available for purchase?

It will be built into an anti-detect browser and will be a free beta test for everyone. Follow the channel @antycodebetatest where we’ll post invites to the beta test. There will also be an automated campaign launch tool and a couple of our original ideas and features.

8) In your YouTube video about April setups, you said that Facebook increased checkpoints in April, is this still going? To solve this problem, you suggested the old method: take the user agent in the file, upload it to Dolphin Anty, work up some cookies, and log into your account using your login and password. How often does this old method really help?

It almost always helps. The only question is when Facebook will stop messing with checkpoints – they are now reworking their AI and integrating new features, which is why we’re seeing a terrible wave of bans and advertising restrictions + checkpoints/policy checks.

9) Your YouTube channel got an interesting question in the comments under the video about trust BINs: “How to fix the bug saying, “this advertisement is already planned or already running.”? It occurs after the fan page exits the policy checkup (editing its written content/changing the fan page doesn’t help).”

This is either the fan page stopping working, or your account being frozen. It helps to simply start warming up the fan page or link the personal account to another mother account and start warming up the fan page from there.

10) As we understand, you only use Brocard payment service cards. Why do you prefer them?

We are still using Anybill. After the fall of the Karta.io service and the loss of about 6 million rubles, we’re leaning towards something more reliable and stable.

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11) Again, not to promote it, but on your YouTube channel, you reviewed the Cloaking House cloaking service. Have you tried other cloaking services like Keitaro or ImKlo? If so, how is Cloaking House different from other similar services?

In general, now I only use Keitaro, I rarely resort to cloaking services.

Cloaking is needed if you don’t know how to filter traffic and just need a solution. I used ImKlo with my first team for cloaking via Shopify, you can see the differences in the services on their sites in the About Us sections.

12) How long could a trusted BIN remain not overused, in your experience?

Facebook can do anything – maybe 2 weeks, maybe six months. Nowadays, I have no problems with BINs – a long time ago, I found a way to attach payments, it’s no problem.

13) We’re very interested in the announcements of the release of the anti-detect browser from your software. In a recent post on Telegram, you said that during the free beta version, access to the browser will be via an invite system. What brought you to such a decision? Will this invite system have any special features?

This anti-detect browser is not from the affiliate network, but from partners and creators of the Z-proxy service, in fact, I gave the start to this service, so I take part in the new project and improvements on the anti-detect browser keep pace with the needs of our buyers and teams.

Invites are needed so that the browser isn’t used by people who aren’t intentional with it, so our beta-testers will test it and give feedback + there will be features that won’t be in other anti-detect browsers and we want to supply them exclusively for our users, and exclusivity means a limited circle of people. For now, we will distribute it through the channel. We wanted to have 300 invites, but will instead have a 1000 of them, because we see the demand and expand our services for you.

14) Do the ChatGPT and Midjourney neural networks help you and your team directly in affiliate marketing and at some point in the creation of your anti-detect browser?

Only in affiliate marketing, for designing creatives and making up white pages. I’ll post a video on this a bit later.

15) What would you wish to those who read the interview to the end?

As for everyone and always, I wish you 300% ROIs and a nice serene life!