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We will remember this summer at least for the fact that dynamic payout rates functionality is now available in our affiliate network!

Drive more traffic – get a higher rate!

So, here’s the thing: all leads are credited at the rate that was agreed upon for you (and, by the way, our payout rates ate high, even the basic ones), but when you reach a certain number of leads, your earned funds will be credited at an increased rate 🔝 Pretty cool, isn’t it?

🧮 Here’s an example:

Let’s say you sell a joints offer at €40 per lead. If you place more than 50 leads, your rate is already €45, and everything else you drive will be recalculated at a rate of €45! The system will calculate everything itself, tried and true 😉

Contact your manager soon to clarify all the details and find out what new rate awaits you❤️